The app that makes save previous time !


One of the most handy app on the store !

SHORTCUTS creates new icons on your home screen and make your life easier ! Use these icons to call your lover, your friends, your family or whoever you want directly from your homescreen in one click.
You can of course customize the icon as you like with pictures, name, etc... .


There is more : SHORTCUTS can also create icons for email, sms and even facetime. You can create as many contacts as you want, not only one like most of the same apps ! You can create a new contact or import one from your contact library !

Try it for free !



  • - Create new icons on your homescreen.
  • - These icons allow you to directly call, message, email or facetime your favorite contacts with one click.
  • - It takes less than 30 secondes to create a shortcut !
  • - Available on iPhone, iPod and iPad.
  • - FREE APP ! What are you waiting to try it ?
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