How to use

Simple instructions for a simple application !

User interface :

The interface is divided in 4 parts on each tab.

A Media Player made of :
:: 2 lines displaying informations.
:: Playing time and total time informations.
:: Status informations .
:: 5 buttons (from left to right):
.... LIBRARY to open your audio library and select the recording you want to modify.
.... RECORD to record a new file.
.... PLAY to play the selected file.
.... PAUSE to pause the player.
.... STOP to stop playing.


The second part manages all the effects to apply on your recordings.


The third part allows you to record your modified voices and to open the help window.


A TAB BAR to access all the functions of this app.



Record your voice :

Press the "RECORD" button in the media player. Press "STOP" when your done. Press "PLAY" to listen to the original file (optional).
Your file is ready to be modified ! Simple as that.


Select a recording from the library :

Tap the "LIBRARY" button in the media player. This will open your library. Tap the file you want to use and select the option "Select this file". You'll go back to the original TAB. Your file is ready to be modified.


TAB Voices :

12 effects are already created, waiting for you to have fun right after your first recording !

Once you selected your recording, just tap one of the effects to apply it immediately. You can change the effect while playing, the morphing is processed in real time.


TAB Advanced :

With this TAB, you can adjust the settings of the voice morpher.

You can modify the playing speed (% of the original speed) and pitch (increase or decrease octaves of the original file).

Once your settings are ready, just press "APPLY EFFECT" to start playing. You can change your settings while playing and apply them without stopping.


TAB Sound FX :

This is the "expert" mode of this application. 9 advanced effects to create unique voices. Be warned, finding the right settings won't be easy !

  • 3 different ECHO effects.

Most of these effects allows pitch and speed modifications too. They are applied in real time to your original voice and you can change to any effect while playing (except the REVERSE effect).


TAB Library :

This is the library with all your recordings.
Original recordings are identified by Rec-.
Modified recording are identified by Saved-.

You can listen to each audio file with the button "PLAY" placed on the right of each line.

When you select a file, there are 4 options :

  • SELECT THIS FILE : select the file to be modified in the TABs VOICES, ADVANCED and SOUND FX.
  • RENAME : change le name of your recordings.



Record your modified voices :

Use the "RECORD VOICES" switch (third part of the interface) to record your modified voices. If the switch is "ON", your new recording will be saved in the LIBRARY TAB.



TAB Help :

Change the theme and discover all the new features.

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