Frequently Asked Questions


I can't record on my iPod Touch, why ?

The first generation of iPod Touch doesn't have a build in microphone. You have to plug a mic in to be able to use the application properly.


I'm using REVERSE effect and I can't use other effects at the same time, why ?

Reverse playback use a different process and cannot be used as the other effects. To apply a new effect when you are using reverse playback, please STOP the playback and then select the other effect.


Can I play my modified recordings during a phone call ?

No, this is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN by Apple, this is why we didn't enabled this functionnality, our application would'nt exist if we did.
We know a lot of our customers would like to playback their recordings during phone calls to fool their friends, but unfortunately Apple is not OK with it. (Or fortunately, because a lot of smartasses would play very bad pranks).

What you can do, at your own risk, is to record a modified voice on your device and to use another phone to make the phone call (eg a land line). Place your device's speakers next to the phone's microphone and play your modified voice. With the volume loud enough, the person who received the call will be able to hear you loud and clear.


My device is an iPhone 2G (first gen) and sometimes when I modify my voice the process seems to be slowed down, what can I do ?

Real time voice modification use a lot of ressources from your device. On "old" devices such as iPhone v1 (2G), hardware ressources are not sufficient to ensure a perfectly smooth modification.

To improve the modification process, we recommand you to free up as much ressources as you can : close unused apps, try not using the iPod and mails why modifying, etc...


I sent one of my recording by email but my friend cannot play it, why ?

Your friend has to use QuickTime to play your recordings. Due to the compression of the file, quicktime is the right software to play it.


Sometimes Helium or Gangster voices are not perfect, why ?

The result of the modification depends on your own voice's pitch. Some people have a too high or a too low voice pitch for our filters to create a perfect result.

We recommand you to use the "Advanced" and "Sound FX" tab to create your own settings, which will be perfectly designed by you for your own voice !


I didnt upgraded my device to iOS 4.0, can I download this App ?

Absolutely, this app will work on any device with iOS 3.0 or later.


I have a suggestion to make for the next update, who should I contact ?

Please feel free to contact our DEV team at : naxx-technologies alt


I want to report a bug, who should I contact ?

Please feel free to contact our DEV team at : naxx-technologies alt


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