Morphing your voice is easy with this App !

"The best voice morphing app I found on the AppStore", Dylan - 25yo - San Jose, CA.

New and exclusive on the Appstore : listen to your favorite singer with a chipmunk or a robot voice, and transform his/her voice anyway you want ! ! Music Morphing will transform your favorite songs into something more fun !

Lady Gaga singing like a chipmunk ? Michael Jackson with a robot voice ? The Black Eyes Peas with gangster voices ? This app can do it !

Easy to use and awesome effects applied in real time to your musique made the success of this app !

Import a track from your iPod Library and choose the effect you want to apply to transform a world famous musical hit into a pure joke !

Music Morphing transforms your music in real time, you can change the applied effect while playing without re-importing the song !

Customize your settings to create the perfect remix like if you were DJ in a world famous club.

You will never get bored of this app, there are so many ways to use it and have fun !

- 12 effects to have fun immediately.
- Advanced mode to modify the tempo and pitch of the song yourself.
- Sound FX mode to apply crazy effects on the track you picked.
- Real Time morphing
- Library to manage all your songs.



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