Alfred the talking monkey !

Cutest monkey of the appstore !

Alfred is your monkey friend from the jungle. Alfred is adorable and repeats what you say with his funny voice.
You can tickle him, hit his nose, make him fall by shaking your device and see his reaction.
A FREE App to entertain children and grownups !

Shortcuts !

Make your life easier with Shortcuts for iOS.

Call or send messages to your favorites contact with only one click on your home screen ! Shortcuts creates new icon on your device's home screen. You can customize the icon with the pictures you want ! It's quick and easy, and shipped in 6 languages !

Crazy Cam !

The funniest camera you'll ever use !

Inject some madness into your videos: record them with totally crazy effects on your voice: helium, gangster, alien... and make all your friends laugh! Use this application to film scenes that will be hilarious and unforgettable: record a video message under helium, film your friends with alien voices, your boss with a robotic voice, etc.

Music Morphing : transform your iPod Library !

Morph your favorite songs into something more fun !

How would your favorite track sound if the singer was on helium or was a robot ?
For the first time, you can find it out on your iPhone/iPod : import your favorite MP3s from your iPod library and morph them with hundreds of cool effects !

Voice Morphing : change your voice !

Change your voice and have fun with all your friends

Have you ever wish you could change your voice into something more fun ? Now you can with this application. Just record your voice and this app will make it sounds like a chipmunk, a cyborg, and more...Hilarious !

MyPark Pro : find your car in one click !

Go back to your car easily, wherever it is parked !

You'll never have trouble to remember where you are parked, this application does it for you.
Thanks to the GPS, you can easily save the location of your parking spot. Add a note and/or a photo to make finding your car even easier !

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